Progress the Dreams

Pursuing dreams is scary, but almost necessary for ultimate personal growth. The bigger the dream, the scarier it is. In my experiences, dreaming big has been amazing and also heartbreaking. Every single time I grew in my journey more than I ever thought I could. The paradox is setting goals that makes you happy, but it's going to be anything but a cake walk to achieve those dreams. Tears, fears, desires to throw in the towel; just so you can achieve a goal that makes you happy.

Progress the process! It's not about perfection or doing everything at the same speed as our peers. The highs and lows won't feel the same for everyone and the journey you have will be different than anyone else. For me, I hope to have learned something yesterday that I will use either today, or in the future, and that's progress. This process to embrace self-love, is a long road, but I'm a lot further than if I hadn't started at all. I don't want to perfect the process, I want to progress it every day that I can. There are 86,400 seconds in each day, I have the choice to use them for progression or regression.

The ‘I'm 1in5’ dream is still very much alive, although not in the media as much, the dream to raise 1,000,000$ is still very much alive! The need for more funding in this country for addiction, mental health, and sexual victimization services is still as prevalent as it was a year ago. The dream to build a healing and recovery center is still at the forefront of my mind!  These are massive dreams and goals and I'm not looking to achieve them tomorrow. I have a full belief that it will take lots of time, learning the market, the system, the community, the people, the area, the programs, and all of that is called- the process. I'm fairly young and I have my whole life ahead of me. With great connections and networks, I know that someday, someone will walk into a ranch on the water somewhere seeking healing and, or recovery. That will only be the ending of a chapter and the beginning of new miracles to come.

Dreams are meant to take time. Find beauty in pursuing your dreams and goals. The journey is not all up hill and you will run in to obstacles along the way. That's a place of pause and reflection. Growth begins with lessons learned from obstacles. Fear of overcoming those obstacles keeps you where you are, doing the same thing you did to get to that point. I want to have personal growth as much as I need, that's not saying I want to struggle and meet obstacles as often, but given the tools to overcome the valleys of life. I can grow with new tools and appreciation.

Write a list of 5 things you want to achieve in the next 10 years! Keep it somewhere safe, and look at it every 6 months to check your progress. Adjust your life accordingly, and keep digging, keep fighting, keep being amazing and never forget that you are the greatest person in your dreams and goals. Believe it!