When the Puck Drops: 17 stories that will rock you, shock you, and inspire you

A few months back I was approached by Dan Blackburn, youth mentor and founder of Pillars of Greatness. I had been following Dan on social media for quite some time, but I was floored when he wanted to meet with me about including my story in a book he was writing. I was so humbled that Dan wanted to share my journey of #strengthfrompain in his new book "When the Puck Drops: 17 stories that will rock you, shock you, and inspire you". I jumped at the chance because what happened to me when I was younger could be happening to another hockey player, or anyone else that reads this book. My hope is that they will be able to identify with the pain yet be inspired by the hope, strength, and courage.

Here are a few excerpts from my part of this fantastic book:

"My partner didn't say a word to me the entire drive. On top of that loneliness, I had massive hesitations about going home. Locking my door for safety. Sitting on the couch that I was just sexually assaulted on. This would be the first time I would have experienced flood of emotions that I mentally felt, I had to cover up, or numb-out. Immediately I walked into the shower, and began burning myself, violently vomiting due the pain of the scalding hot water. I stood in that shower for more than 3 hours."

"Choosing my attitude everyday has been life changing. I have realized in my 30 years on this planet, no two days have ever been identical. I am grateful every morning I wake up sober. If its raining , I'm grateful for the fish, and nature. When its +40 degrees , I'm grateful for the beach."

Dan's book was released on Monday, and I know it will attract the attention of millions of people. Get your copy at www.danblackburn.com/thebook.

I'm so very fortunate for crossing Dan's path, and having the blessing to contribute to something that will save, inspire, and strengthen many lives. Thanks a million Dan.