We are searching for skilled an enthusiastic people to help Paulie as he embarks on the I’m 1in5 cross Canada tour. Volunteers will play a crucial role in the success of Paulie’s journey. 

To sign up to be a volunteer, please fill out the form below.

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Volunteering area of interest.

Who can volunteer?

Applicants must be 18 or older to volunteer; however, we will try our best to find a valuable opportunity for anyone wanting to get involved/contribute their time. 

Positions Needed:

Event volunteers assist on the event day for set-up, community assistance, flow of the event and, or clean up. Volunteers may also choose to be involved in event planning.

Responsible for promoting the events in the various communities .Work closely with other volunteers to co-ordinate appropriate promotional advertisements for the tour and events.

Consistent, clear communication, on ETA, Weather, Possible road closures, unexpected delays. Communicate with RV driver, and Police Escorts 

While on the road, we may need somebody to drive Paulie to and from events.

Offering a bed, home cooked meal, rest day.  (Personal connections to I'm 1in5 only please)