A Journey for all Canadians...

Join one remarkable young man on an inspiring journey across Canada.  In celebration of what makes us Canadian - quiet strength, fierce community pride and passionate love for our national game. 

In support of Canadian youth.

In service of a new conversation about sexual abuse and addiction.

To inspire new possibilities for our neighbours affected by mental illness.

We need your help...

We are now accepting donations to make our tour a success. To smash the stigma. For as little as a dollar, you can help. 

The Ultimate Goal

A percentage of the funds (up to $500,000) will be donated to 10 established organizations across Canada who exemplify similar values, vision, and mission to Iā€™m 1in5. The remaining funds raised ($500,000+), developed in partnership with national experts in mental health and addiction recovery, will be put towards a lakeside facility for healing and recovery in Ontario. This facility will be
a place of hope, peace, and, of course, courage. The facility will offer programs and statistically proven recovery methods for occupants. We hope that the establishment of this facility will create a community without stigma where healing and recovery is accepted by society. 

The 10 organizations we will be donating to are:

Paulie will be crossing through over 200 locations across Canada To view our entire Cross Canada tour map.