Life is tough.

"We all have tough days" is the most true statement to me recently. I get it! Life is tough at somepoint in all our lives. We are not unique in that, what is unique is, how we handle these "tough days". Consistency is the biggest hurdle for me to get and to be honest its mostly all fear based. Based in a brain that wasn't given the tools in the adolescent developmental phase of growth. I have learned that it's no one's fault. No one is to blame for not teaching those resources when I was younger. I have found through pain, what tools work, some times, for me. I'm so incredibly grateful to have learned these. The hard part is always rememebering that I have these tools and can confidently utilize them effectively. Can you imagine how boring it would be if we all had the exact same coping tools?!


 I'm learning about the beauty in the process of failure, and how differently I can bounce back each time. Because somethings like playing guitar, or going for a walk, or meditation, don't always work everytime. Failures are growth spurts if you believe in them. They can feel like they're going to kill you or they are going to bless you. And as painful as it is, and as hard it is to shift our thinking of pain and faluire, its the most consistent path to self discovery and healing. It can be the most beautiful transformation because you have had the opportunity to learn. Or it can be forever painful. Sometimes it's about how long do you want to stay down there, before the only option is to do something about it. 


Perspective is a huge way to shift painful moments into lessons with gratitude, for me at least. I have always heard "you can't learn anything else new if you're completely satisfied with what you already know," and how true is that? I want to always learn about new things, be open to new opportunities, meet new people with, completely different backgrounds, travel to places where English isn't the first language spoken, I think that will bring so much gratitude for the lessons I have already learnerd, and keep me open to learning more. Life is hard and I think for me, just that alone has built resilience and some of the tools that have been gained, have saved my life. 


Don't give up now, beacuse at the end of the day we are all worthy of a story to be told firsthand. Build stepping stones out of pain and failure and it will be the best practical learing you will ever get. Not easy to do consistently, but if you try and make a daily practice out of it. The transformations alone will pull you in the right direction.