Sunrise to Sunset

A beautiful sunrise is the start to a beautiful day. Even the gloomy skies can turn into or be seen as beautiful days; let's be honest, a pink and orange morning sky is second to none. Maybe because it makes one wonder how our “blue sky” can take the form of so many beautiful colours, and they are vibrant. 

During my personal journey of self-discovery, recovery and healing through life’s trials and tribulations, I have grown to discover that gratitude is the greatest attitude. 

You see, staying as grateful as possible makes kindness and compassion as easy as breathing. With that said, trying to have an attitude of gratitude every single day is not going to be an easy feat, in fact some days gratitude may not even come into play in our lives. It’s a practice, not something concrete, that we find and once we have found I and grasp it, its a daily reprieve contingent on our moment by moment attitudes. And it all can start at sunrise.

Often times when we cannot control our environment, like who we have in our company, the routes our bus driver takes, where our work is re-locating. Yet, there are still times where one finds themselves in the complete opposite scenario and maybe because of where they are, or maybe it’s because of their attitude, for temporary or long term, but we have to choose something versus doing nothing. 

What has worked for myself is choosing my attitude; not just having the capability of choosing to have the courage to change the things I can, but also to let the things go the things I know I don’t have control over. As with many processes in life, this is much easier said than done; it is not something that come’s easily nor is supposed to. 

As a metaphor, what happens between the sunrise and sunset is up to us; and what happens between the sunset and sunrise is up to the universe. If we tried to control our own destiny 24 hours a day we would breakdown, becoming mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. Its not rocket science, but sometimes we do need an extra reminder. You cannot stay awake twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and function at a productive level or be a contributing member of society; I’m sorry if you think you can but its humanly impossible. Between the sunset and sunrise is a time for rest and resetting your intentions for the next day. Because really, we only have today, and we only have so much control on what happens today. 

I read a great quote last week that said:

The people who die today had plans for tomorrow, don’t take the moments of today for granted.

To me this reaffirms the attitude of gratitude. What happens today is all I have to focus on. What happens while the suns’ up today is up to me, and after the sun goes down tonight, the how and what of that is up to the universe.

Make your sunrise and sunset apart of your attitude of gratitude. Both, a sunrise and a sunset are things freely given and freely taken if desired. The opportunity for growth happens between them, and its up to you to discover what you can control between them. From Sunrise to sunset we only have today.