Time and the Beauty of it

There is no time limit to recovery and healing. It takes as long as it takes, but it IS possible to get through the pain. If you can truly believe that, you will already be well on your way to recovery. Some may never fully recover from a trauma, or an illness, or a death, or any other difficult moment of life. And that is OK. Healing is not a race; it's set at our life's pace. We're always so busy -- we rush through meals, speed down highways, check our email while we brush our teeth -- but healing is something that cannot be rushed.

Progression in recovery is much richer than perfection. I don't ever want to be perfect, because that will mean I'm done learning. Growth is built in struggle. If I'm continually learning and growing in my healing and recovery process, I will be at peace with the journey. Not every day is great. But if you're grateful for the day, you're halfway to happiness with that attitude alone.

Something I've learned about this whole process is that the only time I'm against is old age. I'm 29 years young, and I have a lot of living to do. I certainly won't be bound by time limits. We have a tendency to put pressure on ourselves to do things within a specific time frame -- have a full time job by 25, buy a house by 30, get married by 35 -- but real life doesn't happen that way. There are some things that will take us our entire lifetime to understand, and if we don't accept the time it will take -- no matter how long or short -- we may never understand. At times, we may learn things that we think are useless, but at some moment down the road -- months, years, decades later -- we come to a situation or moment in our lives when we need that knowledge after all. And we will have it, because we were open to it in the beginning.That knowledge could be lifesaving, to yourself or someone else. Be patient with this life. We only have one, and it's more precious than gold.

The time in this journey is the amount of beauty you allow yourself to see. Even a year ago, I wouldn't have been able to do what I'm doing now. I just didn't have the openness to understand that we all deserve happiness. Time is a beautiful thing, and it's all about perspective. I'm encouraged by the beauty and even the heartache of time in my 29 year journey. Time helps heal. It's a burden to those who hold it with limits, and a wonder for those who live with the beauty of time in their hearts. Good or bad, time will pass. Stay in the moment.