The ties that bind us together

It's been said that if the ties that bind us together are stronger than the ones that tear us apart, all will be well. We will have stronger relationships with each other, and more specifically- family and close friends. As someone who has tried to hold on to my close friends like they are my actual blood family; I have to tell you, unfortunately, some have left, new friends have come in to the wolf pack, so to speak, and some have been around since the beginning and even if the communication is distant, we pick up where we left off every time. These ties are so strong even a veteran boy scout couldn't undo these knots.

The holidays are around the corner and we have to go through the whole "How has your year been?" conversation with some people who genuinely don't give a shit. I call it verbal diarrhea. Some people will be actually interested in what you've been up to, and some won't. Here's a cool new idea, prioritize your holiday schedule by the people who have been there in 2015- the ties that have been strong all year long. Spend time with the ones that love you, and who you love.

I'm not a huge fan of Christmas and haven't been for a long time. This year could be so much different. I'm going to spend a few days with my newly reconnected blood family in Montreal. I feel their love in action and in their words. I believe them, and I trust them. To me December 25th is usually just the day before the world junior hockey tournament starts. This year I have a massive opportunity to give and receive love from my family. The ties in this family are strong, and we may bend but I can assure you we will never break.

We will have moments this holiday season of sadness, and joy. We've lost some legends this year. We wish we could get one more Christmas with them, or one more rum and eggnog at the local outdoor rink. What we have to remember is that even though they are not here physically with us this year, they are all doing what they do best without suffering and pain. I like to look into the sky at night and remember my friends and family that have passed away. I have a hope and a belief that the stars we see in the sky are holes to heaven and those greats that have had to leave us this year are peering through those holes checking in on us every single night, not just the holidays.

Prioritize your company this holiday season. Be open to new opportunities and never ever forget those who have had to leave the earth this year. Look to the stars and reflect on the good times. Was 2015 out of control, or was it a forgotten year? It's your choice. Have a great holiday season and have an amazing, safe New Year's Eve.

All my blessings.